CSN Stores Review - Food Processor and Scissors

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Remember this post? Well it's time for the official review! Instead of the shiny red processor I decided to get a simple white one so that it would match my other small appliances. Plus it was cheaper which meant - scissors!

I LOVE these two items! The first time I used the processor I wondered how I ever lived without it. It's that good. I made many dinners and deserts with it already. I WAS able to crush up candy canes and put them on top of cupcakes for Christmas just like I had dreamed. And last night I made chicken balls; this baby cut my prep time in half!

The scissors are great too. They work well and I love the variety this pack provides. I was always looking for scissors before but now there is always one clean and waiting in the drawer to be used. I'm smiling just thinking about them - I'm so so in love!! Thanks CSN your products ROCK!!

All you readers out there, please remember CSN Stores when doing any online shopping.

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Mighty M said...

Awesome - I have a mini food processor but I have always wanted the real deal!!! :)

Hilary said...

My husband got me a set of scissors one year for Christmas and I was like (?)... but I actually really love them, especially since I have a special "herb" pair -- makes it super easy to chop them up!

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