Friday Fragments

Friday, January 14, 2011

Honestly time: have quite a few deadlines early next week and don't feel like working on any of them. Been putting off working all day. Only answering emails and blog hopping. It's not good. I need to get to work or I'll be pulling some LONG nights...

Eating salsa with cut up avocado. It's yummy! The only thing I've eaten all day. Gained a couple pounds back the last few days. Probably shouldn't be eating avocado, isn't it fatty?? Blah...

Florida is the only state that hasn't had snow this week. It SUCKS!!! I want to make snow men and yummy snow treats too.

Today is Friday. Like most people I enjoy Fridays because it means the weekend is coming. I like the weekend. Decided that Sunday is my favorite day of the week. So relaxing and spirit filled. It's the only day that I don't work or even check my email. (But of course I love my job. I was just thinking about how lucky I am to work from home and do something that I love.)

Hubby's working late tonight. He had some cases to finish up. At least he called me. I miss him. I wonder what we will do for dinner. We have all this food in our cupboards that needs cooked so we haven't been grocery shopping much this year, trying to get rid of that food and not waste it. I think we'll go out tonight though. Total cop-out, yes.

 My Grandma called a couple days ago. That was exciting! I always like hearing from her. I miss her, and the rest of my fam., so very very much.

Alright that's about it. This has been another exciting episode of Friday Fragments brought to you by Half-past Kissin' Time.

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Just Add Walter said...

ugh, I am the same way -- I can't get motivated at all and I have so much to do!!

We are going out tonight too -- who likes to cook on a friday night!? NOT ME!!

Jules said...

I sure wish I could send you some of the snow up here in Wisconsin. It won't stop!

Doreen McGettigan said...

It sure was cold in Florida when I was there in December! We just keep getting a few inches here south of Phila. Just enough to be messy. I'd rather have a ton and get it over with.
Have a great week!

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