Back home and already homesick

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yesterday was pretty great! I got to hug my sister, listen to my dad sing his silly songs to no one, talk to my brother and his new wife, shop with my mom and kiss my husband (for the first time in 2+ weeks). It also involved getting up at 5am, driving for 3 hours, flying for 6 (and waiting to fly for 2) - but we won't talk about those parts.

Yep, I'm back now. It's sad and happy at the same time. Happy to be with my love and sad to be so far away from my family once again.... I miss them already.

Highlights of my trip: (in no particular order, well... maybe sort of) 1. witnessing my brother and his wife get married/sealed for time and all eternity 2. cooking hot dogs over a fire and looking up at a million+ stars in the sky 3. getting a tour of his background/garden from my grandpa 4. staying up late watching Christmas moves with my sister 5. visiting with friends and family at the reception 6. a cookout at my other brother and his wife's little house 7. eating my mommy's enchiladas and homemade banana nut ice-cream that everyone pitched in to make

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