It was a beautiful wedding!

Monday, November 15, 2010

My brother is wed! Both of them are now. It's so weird - us all growing up getting married and moving away. It was a beautiful wedding. I wish my husband could have been there (I miss him so much!) but I'm glad I was there. I'm glad I'm here in AZ. I LOVE AZ. One more week and back to FL.

My husband is a mess without me - that makes me smile. It's always nice to know I'm needed and wanted and make some sort of difference. Everytime he calles he tells me how surprized he is at the amount of work I do around the house. "You do ALOT". He says. "And you work". Yep. Speaking of work - I'm way behind. Off to answer emails and catch up. Hope you are all great!!!

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Hilary said...

Darn husbands, they just don't get it...
I love that they try though.

Mighty M said...

Absence truly does help once in a while. :)

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