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Saturday, August 15, 2009

It all started with a craving for marshmallow treats. That lead to the denial that I didn't have any marshmallows (or rice crispies) of which to make them. Which of course lead to the melting of butter.

With help from my infinite wisdom, quick thinking and genius food substituting skills I added sugar to the melted butter. Marshmallows are all sugar anyways right?I then had a pot full of melted butter and sugar. How boring.

To flavor it up I rummaged through the spice rack and grabbed the almond extract. LOVE that stuff. I could seriously have smelt that little bottle of delight all night long. But instead I poured some in. The aromas filled the room as well as my memories. First of my grandma, whom I love, then to malt-o-meal muffins.

In college I often made malt-o-meal muffins for my starving roommates. They loved them so much they would barely wait for them to cool before scarfing the whole dozen down. Those muffins may have been the only reason they liked me :)

Before you get to thinking I'm high on almond extract let me inform you that I grabbed a box of malt-o-meal and poured some in the pot. Stir stir and I had a big artery clogging mess. Not one to let food go to waist (ha ha - If only that were true) I grabbed some bran cereal, poured it in a plastic bag, got my crush on and added my last ingredient to the pot. Another stir stir and I had myself a Katie original, sorta like this post!!

The worst part was it actually tasted pretty good.

9 bubble blowin' comments:

Eva Gallant said...

sometimes the recipes we throw together off the top of our heads are the best...and sometimes not! lol Glad this one didn't go to waist..

Katie said...

I'm going to need to see a picture, please ma'am! :)

AB HOME Interiors said...

I think I will stick to the chewing gum I found under the vending machine. But congrats to the creative approach!

The Rambler said...

Gotta do what works for ya :)

Loved the waist/waste thing...funny.

Mighty M said...

Super sweet and fiber filled! ;-)

Lolly said...

That's how I cook and bake. It's never quite right but it's always good.

KC Mom said...

And where the heck is the picture??? :)

Ali said...

Yes! Sounds amazing.

Did you save some? ;)

Suzi said...

Sometimes the most random things come together and work. Nice job improvising.

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