Guilt or Love?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thursday night in self pity and pain Hubby said "I'm so jealous that you haven't been sick once." Of course this isn't true, I've been sick. At that moment I couldn't feel my fingers... But whatever he needed to vent.

Before bed my eyes started burning. I'd have my contacts in all day and figured they were the culprit but when I took them out the sensation didn't go away. My left eye was really red and starting to itch.

We got some eye drops, put them in and we went to bed. I slept fine. In the morning I couldn't open my eye. It was crusty and humongous. So off to the doctors we went. Pink eye, well the fancy word for it, seemed to be my ailment. "Take these very large pills, use these eyedrops and apply this cream. Go see an eye doctor if it doesn't get better in a few days." I could do that.

Hubby went off to work. He called me every hour to see how I was doing. At one point I told him I was hungry. Before I knew it there was a knock on the door. It was his parents with food and cookies :) Today he insisted I rest and forbid me from working. He is being extra sweet to me, and I don't know why.

It's either A.) because he loves me or B.) because he feels gulity for wishing me sick. What do you think?

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Amanda said...

he so jinxed you! Pink eye is nooo fun!
I would say it was love and guilt. He loves you and wants you to feel better, but he did jinx you!

Hope you get better soon!

Debbie said...

I say forget the reason and enjoy the pampering!
I hope you are well now:)

Tammigirl said...

I think it's A+B = husband.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Hmm..if I were being funny, Katie Lane, I would have to go with option B. However, I am pretty sure that the correct answer is option A.

Pretty sure. :)


Suzi said...

I think a combination of the two. I would love for my hubby to cater to me when I am under the weather....instead he tells me to stay away.

isk8jewel said...

Probably a combination. Hope you're feeling better!

Juls said...

oh eye is the worst. Hope it'sbetter.

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