I won the lotto!

Monday, April 20, 2009

I think I won the Husband lottery. In fact I know I did. Here is my evidence:

1. Hubby watched Bride Wars with me last night. He even paused it a few times and took my hand to tell me sweet things.

2. My eye wasn't better today, I was okay with that (I hate going to eye doctors) but Hubby was concerned. He insisted that I get it checked by a pro so he called around until he found an office that had an opening for today (since he had today off work and I wanted him to go with me).

3. He took me to my favorite bookstore before my appointment to calm me down.

4. The doctor was nice and hubby made him laugh which always helps. He gave me some better medicine that should make it go away soon.

5. It was raining when we came out of the doctors so hubby had me wait there while he got the car.

6. When we came home he made us lunch (a rare but amazing occurrence).

7. We took a nap together and he let me carefully lay close to him (he's been keeping his distance lately cause he doesn't want to get sick too).

8. I took a shower and when I turned off the water a towel immediately came flying in with his arm attached to it.

9. While watching basket ball he said, "If I was two feet taller you would be watching me right now." I replied, "If you were two feet taller we wouldn't be married." Then very sincerely he said "Good point. I would rather be short and married to you instead."

10. I'm sitting here blogging and he hasn't said a word about me ignoring him.

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Bethany said...

Awe! I love those kind of hubbies. Those hubbies are literally one of a kind you got one and I have one. So nice to be loved by someone so caring towards you! Love it

That.Girl said...

You're suck a lucky ducky. :)

Juls said...

Yep...he's a keeper!

Miss Anne said...

I want to find a lottery ticket like yours!

:) yay for great things happening to you!

(you deserve it all!)

Amanda said...

Umm so can I send my hubby over for lessons? Sounds like a great day! (besides the eye)

The Blonde Duck said...

What a keeper you got! I love he made you lunch and would rather be shorter and married to you!

Mary at My New 30 said...

If my hubs did all that, I'd have to take his face in my hands, look straight into his eyes and say ... "okay, what did you do..." LOL

Seriously though, just popping over from SITS to say hello. You posted ahead of me on roll call this morning and I'm trying to make a practice of visiting that blog everyday.

Hope ya get to feelin' better! Nice work on your blogs - good luck with your business.

Well, off to make coffee and catch up with the featured blogger. Have a great day!

withoutadornment said...

That is too cute! I hope you've had many more days like it since (without the eye problem, of course.)

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