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Thursday, April 16, 2009

I have a hard time taking breaks. I like to work, keep my mind busy. For example today I: woke up - made breakfast - helped with MRI - visited in-laws - had lunch - cleaned vacuumed scrubbed Hubby's car - finished and installed a blog - worked on Insert Self - commented and read blogs - replied to emails - did two loads of dishes - took out the trash - checked the mail - etc.

My body {hands arms & back} is rebelling. My right hand has been numb for over a week now. I'm attempting to use my left hand but it gets weak really easy and I have to switch back, plus typing with one hand takes forever. I'm 23 and worried about nerve damage. I have to wear a brace. How pathetic.

I know if I could just stop working for awhile and let my hand heal it would get better, the body is so beautiful and amazing that way, but... there is so much to do and who better to do it than me.

*UPDATE* Sorry for complaining so much, it not as bad as I make it seem, but I now have pink eye... WTF?

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Stesha said...

Slow down! If you don't I will come over there and take away your computer:)

Hugs and Mocha,

Amanda said...

ohhh, sorry! Have you tried a ergonomically correct mouse pad and key board? They REALLY help! We have had two women in my small dept at work (10 all together) have to have surgery for carpal tunel's in the last 3 months. Must be very frustraing!

Lauren said...

Agh that sucks! I'm sorry. :( I feel your pain. In the last month I've been to the ophthalmologist (twice), the doctor (twice), and the dentist. And I get to go back to the dentist next week for a crown...yay (not)! I hope you feel better! Take it easy for a bit. The things that need doing will be there when you're better too :)

Mommyof2girlz said...

Oh no pick eye too! I know it is hard to slow down but sometimes we just have to, get some rest and feel better soon. Just stopping by from SITS this morning to say hello. :)

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