Rock band ROCKS!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

So I broke down. It wasn't worth the money, we wouldn't play it that much, on and on I went in my reasoning not to buy the game. But as I said I broke down, we bought the game. IT ROCKS! I've had such fun playing Rock Band 2. Hubby's brother and wife even came over to play with us.

I love that you can sing and that everyone has a part to play and that no one really listens to the other cause they are focused on their part so that if someone messes up no one notices. Weird sentences with terrible grammar I know. It's worth the outrageous price that we paid for it.

Hubby and I even play together, he's good at the drums and I'm not too bad at the guitar. I love that each part varies in hardness. I can play the bass and easy while someone else plays the drums on medium and I don't screw up the song! So there is my rant on this game. It's a good one. I hope my family come to visit in March so we can all play together. Oh what joy that will be! :)

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