Happy Monday!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

It's Monday!! Yippee (I'm secretly trying to trick myself into thinking that I'm happy about the weekend being over. Shhhh... don't tell me)!!! At least it times for FMM.

Movie Questions

1) What is your favorite movie? I can't pick just one. I refuse.

2) If you could trade lives with an actor or actress for one day, who would you choose?  And why? Anne Hathaway. Because she's gorgeous and funny and nice and everyone likes her.

3) Who is your favorite actor/actress? I love Audrey Tautou and Mark Alan Ruffalo.

p.s. Only one more day to enter our giveaway (it ends March 1st at 12:00pm est). You know you want to WIN!! 

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Jodi said...

I had trouble with that favorite movie one too... there are too many to choose from... but if I were to choose a genre Classics -- the original ones and the 80's classics! lol

Mighty M said...

Love your answer to #1 - I think that will be my answer to that question from now on!! :)

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