Which vacuum should I buy?

Friday, October 8, 2010

We need a new vacuum cleaner. We've been using a red cordless stick one which I actually really like, but it's practically stopped working and it's time to upgrade to something more 'real'.

I prefer bagless and nothing too expensive but that's about all I know. I saw a commercial of one that could vacuum and mop  - that looked cool but I don't remember what it was. Any suggestions? What do you use, do you like it, where did you get it? Which vacuum should I buy??

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Mighty M said...

I think I saw a Shark that vacuums and mops.....I think it sounds complicated. I would probably only use it for one task. Kenmore makes one of the best vacuums, but I think they are spendy and not sure if they have a bag less model. Hmmm...I'm not helping much! :)

Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! said...

I was so excited to respond until you said "nothing too expensive." I have had a dyson for 8 years now and it is incredible! Incredible! We have dogs and it's ability to keep my house from being one big dust bunny makes it worth it's weight in gold.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

My in-laws all go nuts over the Orecks but I think that Dyson looks pretty darn cool. My hubby used to sell Hylas. They are TOTALLY rad, if you want to spend $2000 on a vacuum!

Style Attic said...

I absolutely love my Dyson!! I know most people like the yellow one, but I have the purple..and it's NOT just for pets. We don't even have an indoor pet, so its not the reason we got it. It's GREAT :)

Chels said...

Dyson is awesome! My husband thinks it's like a toy so he always wants to do the vacuuming. It is pricey though... I also have the purple one! We got ours used for $400 Canadian.

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