a lovely shirt and a story

Thursday, September 23, 2010

the story:
One night Hubby and I were sleeping soundly when all of a sudden he shot out of bed.

"What is that SMELL???" he mumbled/shouted.

I didn't smell anything and went back to sleep but the urgency and terror in his voice prevented me from falling. He walked around the apartment smelling everything, repeating his question over and over again. After a few minutes I started to smell it as well and got worried. "Maybe it was some sort of gas leak and we were being poisoned". I had flashes of us out on the street - pj's on body and blankets in hand.

"It's the fan!!" He announced upon smelling it like a drug sniffing dog. A huge 'I saved the day' grin across his face. A sigh of relief was shared by both of us. He took the stupid thing outside never to be used again.
Yesterday I finally got around to replacing said fan. Since I was in 'town' (I'm a small town girl so I still call going shopping 'going to town')I did a little shopping. Resisted purchasing anything at Kirkland's, although there tons of things I wanted, and moved on to Avenue. There I tried on a blank/blank shirt and it fit me! It was 4 sizes smaller than I tried on last visit! The sleeves were too short so I didn't buy it but it made me happy that it fit - haven't fit into that size since high school. BTW - everyone, thank you for your kind words on my last post! They really meant a lot. I did get a pretty purple eggplant shirt which I like very much.

Now on to the fan. I went to Target since it was right there. I always hate going to Target cause they never have what I'm looking for but I gave it one more shot. I walked around that whole silly store and didn't see one fan. Vacuums, tables + chairs, lamps + shades - but no fans. Grrr... by this time I wasn't feeling too hot (well, that's a lie - I was feeling way too hot, overheated in fact) so I just went home fan less. Stupid target. Stupid fan.

Lovely, lovely, lovely shirt.


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Mighty M said...

Glad you at least got a nice shirt! I have had a hard time finding fans at Target too - and I consider myself an expert on their layout! Seasonal items like that get moved around a lot. Your hubby must have a good nose to wake up out of a deep sleep like that.

Style Attic said...

Happy Birthday! And you already have your biggest fan...your adoring hubby :)

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

I love purple too! And I hope your birthday was AWESOME!!!

R.M.Gilbert said...

Wow, it's been a while since I've come in. First, congrats on the weight loss. Second, Happy belated birthday! Third, awesome you found a shirt to love and boo for the lack of fans at target.

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