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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Have you heard of CNS stores?? I hadn't, or maybe I had - actually I've seen a few people do reviews and giveaways for them and I thought 'why don't I ever get contacted to do such things for such cool places?'. I've never wanted to be a review/giveaway blog but I think a few every now and then would be cool. Picking up the hints yet?

I've been contacted to do a review for one product from CSN stores. I obviously said yes. This is a teaser post, then they'll send my a Promo Code, then I'll shop, then I'll unpack and then I'll review. I'M SO EXCITED!! But I have no idea what I want to try out. They have so many cool things. I need your help.

Have a look at the CSN stores and tell me what to choose. I could choose some lights, a waterbed, a new rug, this cute little food processor, these super cute apple dishes that look like my grandma's rose dishes, these canisters... ahhh!! So much to choose from. What should I choose? What would you choose? Did I mention I'm excited?

ps. just found out that my brother is now coming with my parents. EEK!! Happy Dance. I'll tell you more about that next week :)

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Seth M. Ward said...

I'd get this one to review:D

Mighty M said...

I like the espresso machine idea, or something fun and decorative for the home. They have SO much to choose from - good luck!! :)

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