Dear Katie,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yesterday wasn't so great. Here are some things you've learned.

1. Listen to those little subtle feelings that say, "grab the book" or "wear the other shoes". It just might prevent a TON of problems.

2. Before driving all the way across town and having hubby take off of work to go to the doctor's office to discuss the results of tests, always call and make sure they have all the results.

3. If for whatever reason you forget to call to check on the results please make sure you remember where it was you got the tests done. (the paperwork was in the book, hence #1.)

4. You have a bad memory, always make a backup plan. Write EVERYTHING down and take a notebook full of anything and everything you might need.

5. When you need something done quickly, call Mom not Hubby's brother. He will get nervous and very very dumb, taking 20 minutes to do something that should take only 2.

6. And when you call Mom, make sure Hubby is out of earshot when you tell her the password so you don't have to change it when you get home. That can only result in locking yourself out of your own computer and possible sabotaging your web design company as you cannot work without it.

7. It might be time for an i-phone. Just saying.

8. Dragging your feet across sidewalk, pavement, dirt hills and grass, because your shoe broke and that's the only way it will stay somewhat on, is very very hard. (Also hence #1.)

9. Please remember that as great as Hubby is, it's unthinkable to expect him to help you out after you ruined his day. It's also unreasonable to expect him to finish a movie before falling asleep.

10. And lastly, ice-cream can fix anything. But you already knew that didn't you.

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Katie said...

Sorry that yesterday wasn't a great day but you seem to have a really good attitude! And I love lists! :)

Style Attic said...

Okay #7 cracked me up! We've all had those days, and we will all have them again. Nice to brain dump and share them to get over them :)

Natalie said...

Ugh! Those kind of days are the worst! I've done the doctor appt/test results thing, too. Not fun. And SO frustrating!

Stopping by from SITS to say hello :)

Eric Alder said...

You're absolutely right with # 1 - always take those quiet little hints. Call it listening to your Muse, your personal angels, or whatever, but ALWAYS be listening for what they say. And take their advice without hesitation - otherwise you will usually regret it.

Mighty M said...

Sorry that your day didn't go very well, hopefully today is much better (if only because you keep referring to this letter!). :)

Kerry Neville Bakken said...

What a crazy, awful day--but you're writing about it which means you survived!

Stopping by from SITS

DesignTies said...

Eeek, that was a bad day!! But at least you're able to see the humour in it :-)

Hope today was better!! Make sure you have lots of ice cream in your freezer :-)


Momma Chae said...

LOL Sorry you had a lame day! I like the "call mom" part. Asking a man to do something quickly... call me sexist, but I think it's an impossibility!

Lisa Martin, MAOM, BFRP said...

... you are great at practicing unconditional love with your husband and accepting your part in the doctors office thing - some women may not see that they had a part in the hubby's bad day :|

the example of a good wife - thanks

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