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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Working, eating grapes and watching QVC... today is a good day! Right now "Prepology Kitchen" is on. Let me tell you -I want EVERYTHING!!!

Whale and Snail: Is that not the cutest name and design ever??? They are can and bottle openers and I want them.

Knife Sharpener: My knifes are so dull they are dangerous, not to mention time consuming to use. I love the red color this comes in and I want one.

Silicone Tongs: It seems like every chef on the Food Network uses some sort of tongs but I haven't been able to find them anywhere. These ones look perfect and I want them.

Speed Slicer: I hate cutting my fingers while shredding cheese, this would eliminate that problem. Plus it would eliminate my need to use my dull dangerous knives as much and I want one.

Do you want any of these things? What's on your kitchen wish list today??

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Yellow House Knits said...

My kitchen wish-list is always a mile long! Currently at the top of the list (in no particular order): a new garlic press, a blender, a salad spinner, a slow cooker (I don't know what I would do with this--I just want one!), good muffin tins, a new All Clad non-stick 10-inch pan, an All Clad non-stick 12-inch pan. I could go on . . .

Hope you bought something good!

Mighty M said...

I want a juicer, a food processor, and a new kitchen aid mixer. I would probably HARDLY ever use any of them....but nice to have around, right? :)

Jules said...

I love kitchen gadgets. My family has even nicknamed me the "Gadget Queen"

If it's something new...I want it.

LisaDay said...

Dishes for holidays. Anything in blue and yellow. New paint in the kitchen and to get rid of the stenciling.

Stopping by from SITS.


tagskie said...

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Magimom said...

Stopping by from SITS - Happy Thursday!
I think the top three must haves on my list are Le'Cruset cookware, new garlic press, and a new super good food processor/blender mix.

Danielle said...

My kitchen it one giant wish list. I want a whole new kitchen, a kitchenaid stand mixer, new appliances... all of it.

Stoppin' by from SITS!

Carrie said...

I want new appliances :) We're almost done the kitchen reno and I can't WAIT to start shopping!

Visiting from SITS

Farmgirl Paints said...

This is totally unnecessary, but I love those big colorful mixers that look old fashioned. I would never use it, but it's so cool:)

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I want those silicone tongs too!

Stopping by from SITS

Ashley said...

Tongs! I would love a new set of tongs! Those babies are great! Don't tell, but one thing I really love them for is when I drop food in the bottom of the stove. I totally use the tongs to grab it out. haha.. Don't worry, I through it out to the animals! :D

I can't watch QVC because I would be broke in a heartbeat! I love that channel! I do have a few things from on there, but that is just because a woman I work with is addicted to QVC and gives gifts from there! haha...

Sorry I haven't been around to say hi, but things have slowed down some so now I have some time to stop by and say hello and catch up with the bloggy friends! (By the way, thanks for the hair pin link! There are some great pins there!)

Hope you have a great week!

Lots of Smiles!

rachael chesnutt said...

Eek! That whale can opener is adorable. I want it! But my biggest kitchen wish list? I want an apple de-core-er (not sure what they are actually called, lol!) & an orange peeler.

Hubby say's we don't need them things cause God gave us hands for a reason.

But I want 'em. lol!

M Hastings said...

My husband and I share a love of the kitchen sections in stores. We love to browse and peruse and talk about what we'd like "in a few (weeks/months/years)" XD

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