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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hosting a giveaway on my design blog on Friday. I'm a little nervous that no one will enter and my client will hate me forever. Will you enter??? Please!!! I'll remind you again on the big day but I would really really be happy if you would help me out.

I'm also suppose to be starting a diet on Friday. My mom is doing it with me so wish me luck. Or cross your fingers she wants to postpone it, I'm not really ready yet.

I got a church calling last week to help with Sunbeams. They are the 3-4 year old's (I think). There are 10+ in the class. CUTE as can be (I want to take a few home with me, think their parents would mind?) but very bad listeners. Anyone have any tips on how to get small children to sit still and be quite at Church?

And finally I LOVE GRAPE SODA!! Yum yum yummers as my mom would say :)

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Debbie said...

I get so nervous when I do a giveaway that no one will enter!
I have missed seeing you around.

Heather said...

I taught the sunbeams once! (I didn't know you were lds!) A big hit was a sparkly red box that I would bring in many of the weeks with the visual aid of the week inside (they were so excited to see what would be in the box that week!) :)

Amy said...

If you figure out a way to get the little ones to sit quietly, please let me know. I am having serious issues with my 2 year old.
Good luck with your diet. I have been trying to go on one for a few months now and it just keeps failing. If you figure that one out as well, let me know.
And lastly, I so baddly want to win your giveaway. I am wondering if you can choose a winner by desire, because if that were the case, I so would win. So pick me!

Chelsey said...

My oldest is in sunbeams! I have no advice for you though, sorry! I have been on a diet for the past week because my hubby wants to lose weight, but I keep sneaking treats. Like right now I can't stop thinking about the cookies and ice cream in my house.

Velvet Over Steel said...

Cute blog! Following you now.
Good luck with your diet, you'll do just fine. I tought that age group years ago & love Heather's ideo of the visual aid! :-) ~ Coreen

Mighty M said...

Grape soda is delicious! My daughter likes the "quiet" game, where you see who can be quiet the longest. Think they'll cooperate? :) Good luck!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I have a 2 yr old and I sometimes whisper.

I have been meaning to tell you I love grape pop and The Gilmore Girls!!! LOVE IT! I will be here tomorrow for your giveaway!

Missy said...

Hi - I'm following from Friday Follow - my kids are starting to discover the joys of carbonated soda, which is not a joy for me!

Deb said...

I'm your newest follower from Friday Follow. Hope you'll stop by :)

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Jenn said...

I’m your newest Follower from Friday Follows
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Missy said...

Good luck on that diet. It is hard, I know.

Stopping by from Friday Follow.

Safe Home Happy Mom said...

Following you from a late Friday Follow. Your blog is very informative. I look forward to reading more in the archives.

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Tangles of Thread said...

Taught sunbeams and was asst. for a group that included several ADD and varying degrees of autism. Operate on multiple sensory levels. Engage them by more than just sight. Get rid of the chairs (we had kids fiddling with them, falling out of them etc.). If the lesson is about something more abstract (no good visual aids, smells or feels) we often would break out salt clay and teach while their little hands were busy. This group was not much for coloring, but your group may be able to color a page illustrating that lesson's concept. There are some interlocking foam floor tiles that worked well to protect the carpet from the clay and gave each child some place to do their own thing with their clay. Pray. Ask their parents if there are particular interests. My 8yr old is stuck on WWII and has been since then. Made for interesting discussions in kindergarten when he was drawing swastikas and Japanese flags. But, he would do just about anything for a sticker of a fighter plane.

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