It's my birthday and I can pout if I want too

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sorry all, it's still raining in my world and I'm going to pout - feel free to run for cover and come back later when the sun is back to it's regular shinny self.

In honor of this day I feel a pity party would only be appropriate seeing as it will be the only party of the day held in honor of me. Yes me the birthday girl will be getting no party (can't you tell I was spoiled on my birthday as a child). No party hats or ice-cream cake here. No gifts and smiling faces. No friends and family to gather around to sing to me and threaten 24 birthday spankings. None nada zilch.

I will be spending the day in front of this here computer. Working for grossly undercharged prices, and going mad trying to finish up my new websites (it's even harder to work for myself believe it or not).

And I'll probably be hearing some things like, "Happy Birthday - get out of the house for awhile and celebrate." or "You know you are better than this. What happened to your positive outlook on life?" which will only upset me more.


I want my mommy, the rest of my family and some of my long lost friends. Every year my mother would arrange this huge party for me. She would make and decorate these beautiful cakes (shaped like Barbie, Care Bears, you name it). She'd invite all my friends over or to the park and we would all have a blast playing games watching movies doing makeup scrapbooking, whichever activities were the funnest and most appropriate for our age. My birthday reminds me of how wonderful my mother is and how much she loves me. I wish she was here.

Also today is my golden birthday. My best friend from 3rd grade to marrige (she 'disowned' me when I got married - didn't approve) was obsessed with golden birthdays. We made all these plans to celebrate them in style. By this time we both thought I would have kids and we would be celebrating with them underfoot. That isn't the case either.

I hope this doesn't mean that I'm getting old. And that all my birthdays here on out are going to suck. That's not suppose to happen till your 40's right?

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Bethany said...

Happy birthday. You sound like me when it comes to birthdays. Life of a mother. :) just for you.

Amy said...

Happy birthday! I hope it gets better and you get everything your heart desires (including more time and peace)!

KC Mom said...

Gosh, my 40th is coming up on Sunday so I sure hope it doesn't get worse. Lucky for me my friend will invite us over for dinner that night otherwise I'd have no party either!!

Mighty M said...

I've always thought the best part of my birthday was the cake. Hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday!! :-)

The Rambler said...'s YOUR birthday? Well happy birthday twin. Cause it's MY birthday too!!!

We are special people. Yes we are :)

And I know...but as we get older we have to make our own parties :(

Jump on a plane and come to my Sex and the City party!!

Hauoli La Hanau friend!

Ann said...

Happy Birthday...I love your blog. I added your button and I am going to follow it also..

Orange Juice said...

Im sorry :( what a crappy. Worse, I wasn't here to wish you a happy bday.

Well, HAPPY BDAY! I hope all turned out to be wonderful ANYWAY!

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