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Monday, September 21, 2009

Saturday was great. But now it's Monday again. I lost another customer. "Sorry I needed the button yesterday so I made it myself." Well maybe you should have told me when you needed it and I would have had it done!!! It was only a button but still - I want to be "super designer". *-Sigh-* It's so hard to go from one client a week to a couple a day. (Well some of those are just people who email me and never follow through but it still takes time to email them back and to think up their project in my head.) Not that I'm complaining.

I'm trying to get used it to, starting to love it. I'll take all the orders I can get. All profits are going to the "Finally a real Christmas" fund. Hubby and I are taking a road trip in Dec. We are staying in Utah a week to scope it out and maybe do some job interviews, and hopefully enjoy SNOW!!! Then we are going to AZ to celebrate Christmas with my family. We haven't all been together since I got married. Hubby has never even meet any of my friends. It's going to be amazing.

ps. My birthday is in 3 days in case anyone feels like celebrating for me

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Bethany said...

Ok Miss Katie You better come and see me!! Who knows I might even have Doran by then and you can hold him. LOL!!! Happy early birthday!!!

Mighty M said...

A trip sounds wonderful, especially one that involves a reunion!

Amy said...

I am sorry you have had a bad day! I hope you are able to raise enough for your "Real Christmas Fund." However, I do love that song, and think if anyone can make a bad day into a better one, it is you. Best wishes! And Happy Birthday in 3 days. I will celebrate for you. I will even make cupcakes and share them with my son, and neighbors, just for your birthday!

Michelle said...

You are so funny- I am the same way about my birthday!

Nicole said...

Oh that song! the BF and I always play it for each other when our day blows! we even want as our reception entrance song at our wedding lol but dont think people would get it! anywho HAPPY EARLY BDAY!!!!!

Eva Gallant said...

Good Luck with your business! Hope you have a great Christmas fund!

mammydiaries said...

I loooovee that song:) have had a series of "trying" days here too. I think we are having a similar time of it:) Keep shining!!! Happy early birthday:)

Tammy Howard said...

Happy pre-birthday!

Too much business is nothing to complain about, no ma'am!

DesignTies said...

I hope today is a much better day for you -- especially because it's your birthday!! :-) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Just keep doing what you do and don't let the bad stuff get you down. You're amazingly creative and talented, and lots of people are going to be coming to you for buttons and so much more :-)

Good luck with your Christmas fund -- it'll be great to spend the holidays with your family :-)


P.S. I'm sure you can create a letter wall too -- it's not too hard to do, just takes a lot of patience!!

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