Sunburn city

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I mentioned I got sunburned. Now I have blisters, water blisters I guess. The thing is that the blisters don't hurt. The rest of the burn does. It hurts SO bad. I was crying and even screaming at one point (my mom happened to call just then and calm my down).

Does anyone know how to take this pain away? I am such a baby when it comes to pain. It's not bad enough to go to the er but I need some advise if anyone's got any.

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Sturgmom said...

What's that spray stuff called? Lanacane? Something like that? I remember my mom used to spray it all over my sister when she got sunburned. Also use LOTS and LOTS of aloe vera gel.

wenderful said...

Thanks for stopping by and helping me celebrate my sits day today! I had ginormous fun. Love your layout and your fun balloon font!

E said...

I am super fair skinned and I have been blistered before too! That sucks. I recommend aloe with lidocaine and some tylenol. Good luck and I hope the sunburn heals quickly!

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