A letter, photographs, and a party

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Got a letter from my grandma today! She and Grandpa are doing well. She sent me a few photographs; they are so cutest couple! Also included was a newspaper clipping informing me that my best friend from High School has gotten married. They look happy together. I'm happy for them. I wish them only the best.

Some of Hubby fam. called this morning inviting themselves over for the Super Bowl. We hadn't planned on doing anything but being the nice people we are I got everything cleaned up and Hubby is getting the snacks on his way home from work. This will be our first super bowl party to ever host, and my first one altogether. I'm excited, hope everyone has fun!

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Juls said...

Hope your super bowl part went well! Awww...letters from grandma is something I really miss!

The Blonde Duck said...

You're so much nicer than I am. I would have barricaded the door and howled in protest.

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