Needed Randomness: A. - J.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A. Ate ice-cream yesterday. Sugar free kind. Loved the temperature, the creamy dreaminess, but the flavor was weak. Not sure if it's because my taste buds have changed or because it was sugar free.

B. Been craving a cupcake for weeks. Not like a "give me a cupcake now!" kind of a way. More like a "cupcakes are cute and yummy and I really want one" kind of a way. Which makes no sense unless you are in my head. Basically I want a cupcake very badly. But not badly enough to cheat on my diet. Especially now that I fear my taste buds have no desire for such an artificial delight.

C. Cleaned our home yesterday. I clean everyday but yesterday I really cleaned. You know scrubbed things and made floor spotless.Did this thinking the fix it people were going to come fix our dryer and refrigerator. But the phone they were suppose to call is down for the count. So they won't come.

D. Don't care though. If the fix it people come or not. Yes our stuff needs fixed but it's been broken for awhile and we can deal.

E. Ever ridden an elephant? I think that would be cool. When I reach my weight goal that is. Don't want to hurt the poor thing!

F. Fish. Those were the only pets my home had growing up. They were my sisters. They smelled.

G. GRAPE!!! I love grape. I ordered this natural grape fake sugar drops stuff. I think if I put it in club soda it might taste good. Oh how I miss grape soda.

H. Hope it gets here soon. Just talking about grape soda is making me long.

I. I am strange. Thanks for noticing!

J.Just can't think of much of anything for this one. Better stop. It's 10 anyways.

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Teri said...

Very cute post - you are in a smiley mood! And I never want to ride an elephant - I will leave it up to you. :)

Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! said...

I like the randomness. I am absolutely amazed by your determination. I ate a chocolate eclair today. I really just couldn't help myself! So embarrassing.

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

I love this alphabetical randomness idea! So fun. :)

Nope, never ridden an elephant. I think a couple of my sisters have, but it was years ago.

And now I'm thinking about cupcakes... ;)

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