I'm so BUSY!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

As you can conclude from the title of this post I've been so busy this week. I had an install yesterday that didn't go as planned. What should have taken 4 hours tops is now taking 24 hours and counting. SO ANNOYING. But no fault of the client of course - just me and my slightly limited skills/ the stupid code that won't do as I tell it too.

People have been emailing me asking if I received their email yesterday. Grrr.... Yes. I got it, I've just been to busy to reply yet. This is also annoying because people can take weeks to reply to me but if I don't reply to them within a few hours they go ballistic. Slight (or major) exaggeration here, but still.

Okay rant over. Back to business for this busy butt.

I love my job, really I do!!

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