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Monday, June 28, 2010

Have you even wanted the weekend to last forever? That's the boat I'm in today.

I stretched out last night as long as I could, keeping Hubby awake till 1am, then Sister awake till almost 3. I'm not always a "NO! Not Monday!!!" type of person, thank goodness, but today... well you get the point. I slept until almost noon, just to avoid today a little longer. Then strait to the bath tub to, yes, pretend today hadn't arrived. And even now I'm writing this post instead of working.

I love my job, we all know this, but I don't want to work today.

The weekend was great! Hubby watched the USA World Cup Soccer game (which they lost, unfortunately) then we were off to the beach to see Lifehouse, my sister's obsession. Being just feet away from the beach and not actually seeing it because of the massive amounts of people pretty much sucked, but my sister, my lovely silly sister, got to see and hear Lifehouse preform. Seeing her so happy makes me happy and even thought it was 1000 degrees out there when we first arrived and my ear drums are slightly damaged I am so glad we were able to take her. It was a nice little break from the norm. and my first official concert, w00t!

Sunday was a lazy uplifting day, doing nothing but spiritual things. Hubby and I got our first ever Temple Recommends signed and I am SO HAPPY! We are going to be sealed together for time and all eternity. I've been waiting for this day my whole life, specifically the last three years and honestly, it hasn't really sunk in yet. I'm sure I'll be back to share more thoughts on the subject when the sinking in has occurred but for now I'll just tell you again that I really really wish the weekend wasn't over.... but then again, that means that next weekend is one day closer. That's a happy thought too! Maybe we will go back to the beach and actually see it.

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Chel said...

I'm so excited for you guys!

Style Attic said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend made of perfect memories! Congratulations on your Temple Recommends :) Please forgive my ignorance as I have no idea what that is, but it's important to you and that is what is special and great. Thanks much for sharing!

Heidi Walker said...

I did an impromtu garage sale.

Boy I would love the weekend to last forever.

R.M.Gilbert said...

First off,congrats! And what did I do this weekend...watch kids and till a garden. Not exactly relaxing, so unfortunately this would not have been the weekend I want to last forever.

p.s. oh and I adore Lifehouse. :) --lucky sister.

sweets in bulk said...

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