Is it just me or...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

...does music sounds better through headphones than speakers? Hubby the best man in the world? it time to paint the walls?

...are allergies especially bad this year? this week going too slow?

... do diets have a way of bonding people?

...are babies way too cute?

...does honeysuckle smell amazing?

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Malou said...

This week is definitely going too slow.
Today I thought it was Thursday, yesterday I thought it was Wednesday and the day before I thought it was Tuesday. All in all, I've made people look at me thinking 'WTF?' quite some times this week.
Love, Malou.

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

It is not just you!

Although I like music in the car best!!

Ronnica said...

Definite to the first one! Movies/TV, too.

Tina H said...

Music - depends on how loud I want it.. really loud out of speakers. Just enough for me - headphones..
I have wanted to paint the walls in my bathroom for a while now.. might start hinting to the other half..
My allergies I know are kicking my behind.. mainly because of all the dust blowing in the wind the last few days.
Of course babies are always cute.. any furry babies!
And honeysuckle is one of my favs!!!

Mighty M said...

The week is going slow, but that is okay because I have a lot to do so I can use the extra "time". I also love to crank the tunes in the car, because it usually means I am alone!! :)

alabaster cow said...

found you through sits - love your designs!

fraizerbaz said...

Yes, I completely agree with you about Honeysuckle and babies. They are both wonderful!

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Betty said...

Hi Kate, Thanks for your comments.
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So, I am already folllowing you!:)

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