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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When I get busy I tend to procrastinate the not-so-important things. Like laundry, I used to do it every week, but recently I only do it when I run out of clean clothes. Some may call it prioritizing but I'm a realist. Plus when the procrastinated task is finally complete there is that huge weight that lifts off the shoulders.

One thing I've been putting off for weeks was designing and setting up the DreamUp Studios Blog in Wordpress. I finally got it done last night and it felt so wonderful. I would also feel wonderful if you could visit said blog and follow and comment and tell us how awesome we are. While you are there go ahead and check out our websites. Let me know if it all makes sense and flows together.


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The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Honestly, the site is so super professional looking! I really love it, especially the hope page.

It is very organized and clean and simple and bright.

I really like it a lot!

As soon as I bite the bullet and move to Wordpress I will contact you!

Ali said...

First of all, I am the SAME way about laundry. I wait until the very last minute. And always say I'll do it earlier next time. And never do.

LOVE the site! It looks so clean and bright.

Bethany said...

Love the new site!!

Drea said...

First, love the website! It's so perky :)

Second, I hear you on the procrastination. I know some girls have the Stepford gene where everything is perfect, but this girl is a hot mess. In my defense, I know where everything is in my mess.

Stopping by from SITS!

Denise said...

Love your page.
I, however, am the masetr of procrastination...
Stopping by from SITS! Please stop by!

Chelle said...

The site's new look is like that of fresh laundry, crisp and clean.

Stopping by from SITS!

Mighty M said...

Okay, I am sure it is fabulous! :)

tickledpinktwice said...

I love the blog design (both of them). Very fresh.

I hate doing laundry, too. It seems like when ever I finish my loads, there is always more.

Stopping by from SITS.

Seizing My Day said...

brand new here today... so you have this daily blog and you designed those blogs and have created a blog to show us the wonderful beautiful blogs you designed?? (did I get it right?!) They are very beautiful! Looking forward to hanging around! Just Jenn ~ www.seizingmyday.com

(baby blogger still... startin in Word Press b/c I hear that is a smart thing to do! ha ha!)

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