Lossing Daylight

Monday, November 2, 2009

Daylight savings time is backwards. Even the name implies that it's intention is to 'say daylight'. A couple of days ago it got dark at 7, a little early in my opinion but reasonable enough. Now after daylight saving has kicked in it gets dark at 6. Six - really?? Come on, that's just too early. Shouldn't it get dark at 8 instead - backwards I tell you.

Whoever thought that making it darker an hour earlier was 'saving daylight' needs to be examined. And all these people, including my husband, who look at me funny and shake their heads at my explanation should also have a head exam. I grew up in Arizona where there was no daylight savings time. I'm not brainwashed like everyone else. It's backwards - and totally stupid.

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Eva Gallant said...

There is some logic to what you write!

Mighty M said...

I agree!

Éimí said...

I agree...I hate daylight "savings" it's the most pointless thing ever...and it's messing with my sleep, lol

Kaylen said...

True...it's an old fashioned notion, I'm not sure why we still do it! I hate having it get dark at 6pm!!! I'd rather it stay dark until about 9am and then stay light until 8pm.

Life with Kaishon said...

I miss the sunshine when it goes! It is like the whole world gets sleepy at 6:00 pm! : )

BJ_Mama said...

I'm not trying to be "that girl"...but actually "Daylight Savings" ENDS in the FALL....we "SAVE DAYLIGHT" in the Spring. Does that make more sense?

Sorry....hope I didn't "burst your bubble"

DesignTies said...

Hey, be happy it gets dark at 6:00 -- it gets dark at 5:00 now for me. Boobooooo!!!!

I'd rather have more daylight at the end of the day too -- I don't get up early enough to appreciate the sun coming up an hour earlier!!


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