What's life without dreams

Sunday, September 6, 2009

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When I was younger I dreamed of being an author. I wrote tons of short stories and even a few 100 pg. books. I also wrote lyrics and dreamed of playing the guitar. During high school I finally convinced my parents to buy me an acoustic for Christmas. I loved that thing.

I took one lesson which went great, then I went for my second one and my teacher (aka my stoner cousin) didn't show up. He also wouldn't call me back to set up another meeting time. He was the only person I knew who played and we didn't have funds to hire an actual teacher so my dreams got put on hold till college.

After everyone got over the initial "why do you have a guitar if you can't play it" question, my apartment became the one to visit. Cute boys liked to show off their skills and serenade my roommates.

I begged them all to teach me but apparently making up great excuses is a common trait amongst guitarists. One nice guy gave me a few lessons and I learned a few songs. Nothing much happened after that. My guitar sits at my parents house with broken stings and covered in dust.

I also don't write stories anymore. Some may be disappointed in learning these things. They may say that I should have followed my dreams and not given up. Still others would advise that I pick them both back up.

I see it a different way. To me dreams and called dreams for a reason. They help push you, they inspire and entertain you. But they aren't always meant to come true. They wouldn't be dreams anyone; and what's life without dreams.

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Brandi said...

I agree. I used to want to play guitar, be a rockstar and all that. But all it was, was a dream. I've since realized that, while I love to sing, and I'm good at it, the "rockstar" life isn't for me. :)

Kaylen said...

I dreamed of being a vet, or a probation officer. But in reality, I just love certain animals and I really don't want to live with carrying the weight of a stressful job.
But dreams are good to have...my current dream is to travel extensively, but it's a dream and I'm happy to have it. :)

Eva Gallant said...

I agree--I dream of winning the lottery, but it's just a dream; I hardly ever even buy a ticket!

Design it Chic said...

Agreeing with you...yet sometimes..it would be nice if some of your true dreams(the ones that stick with you for all your life)come true eventually..cause don't worry..even if some become true..there will always be some other that would replace them..and you'll never lack the dreams in your life! It's good to be dreaming..it's even better to see them happening in your life!..
Happy Labor Day!

mammydiaries said...

I dreamed of being a famous actress (cliche, I know!) but I suppose at the time all I really wanted was (wait for it... ) acceptance (guess who was teased at school;p). I've got it now in spades with great friends and a loving family:)

Bridgette said...

Wonderful post! Dropping in from SITS to say hi! :)

Helen McGinn said...

So true; but then, I bought my kids guitars, hoping to live vicariously through them. That too, isn't a great idea... *L*
Stopped by from SITS. x

ItsKelly said...

Interesting... yes, maybe all dreams are not meant to come true, but maybe meant to evolve into something else... maybe something better.

jenjen said...

What a great perspective! I think we are a society that need instant gratification and people only see things in a way that bring instant results. I think it is great that you can look at it as everything that you try gives you experience and is worthwhile in its own way.

Great post!


Tammy Howard said...

Katie, this is lovely!!! Sometimes the dream itself serves its own purpose.

Yliem said...

Right, but until now i still confused what my dream is and what i want to be in my life.

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