Friday Fragments

Friday, August 28, 2009

I feel like fragmenting... Thank goodness it's Friday!!!

Just wrote a lame post (I deleted it) about how I "haven't posted" since Monday. So what. I'm under no contract; I can post whenever however and whatever I want to. I am the only one I'm disappointing so I've got to get over it.

I have a deadline coming up. A big one. One that requires me to design, code and upload 3 new websites. Yep three. One to sell and showcase my awesome web design skills, one for Rusty's (my business partner) awesome digital media skills and one to tie together all the stuff I've got going on. Makes me tired just talking about it. But hopefully it will result in more business!

Made burgers for dinner. Cooked them like 15 minutes to ensure they have not one spec of pink. Pink meat is gross.

I missed Hubby SO MUCH today. Much more then normal. Normal is a lot. He better watch out when he opens the door. I might knock him over with my excitement. He should be here any minute. Well maybe 10-15.

Listen to Last.FM lately?? It's awesome!! They have so much music - everything I look for I find. How rare and oh so very awesome is that. It's cheap too which I'm all about. Listening to this song right now. I love Elliot Smith - props for Hubby for introducing me. Wish he was still around.

You have no idea how much better I feel. Like when an airplane finally stops taxing and starts to take-off. I hate taxing; quite fond of take-off. Yes I love fragmenting Fridays.

Feel like watching a movie tonight. Too bad Hubby just got a new computer - I'm sure he is going to want to play with it all night. But it's all good because his 'puter is going to help me a lot - especially with the new sites I'm working on.

I played Monopoly on x-box 360 today. Made me miss my sister. I can't wait for Christmas. Oh oh oh!!! I hear that my brother might come home from Brazil a month early. I just might have to fly home before Christmas and see him.

I could go on but I won't. Deep breath and out ----------------

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Brandi said...

I hate pink meat, too. Yuck!

brainella said...

Do you like well done steak too?

We are going to watch Marley and Me tonight. Well, I am at least...hubby can too if he wants. He only gets popcorn if he watches. :)

Eva Gallant said...

Red Sox baseball game on my agenda tonight!

I like burgers well done, but steak medium and roast beef rare. How weird is that?

Have a great weekend.

Nicole said...

I love your no apology attitude! Can you rub some off on me!?! =D Happy Weekend.

ItsKelly said...

I have days like that of missing the hubbie. Good luck with the deadlines!

Real World Mom said...

I don't like meat with any pink in it either. I certainly can't eat it--makes me gag!

Have a great weekend!

Éimí (Amy in Gaelic) said...

I'm with Nicole, can I have some of your no apologies attitude?? I'm constantly apologizing for everything and it drives Hubby NUTS...great post, I love it!

Tiffany said...

It stinks when Hubbies are gone! Sounds like a busy women, good luck! Hope you push through. : )

Mighty M said...

Hang in there!! ;-)

Juls said...

Good luck w/ meeting your deadlines. I guess now isn't a good time to tell you I'm just about ready for a blog "touch up" then, eh? :)
You missing your husband is so endearing, and so darn cute. Have a good weekend.

Debbie said...

Sounds like you have been lonely and missing people! I hope you're doing well now.

Mrs4444 said...

Fragmenting is fun and oh, so satisfying, isn't it? Sorry it's taken me so long to get here!!!

Happy for you, that you love your man so much. Ain't love grand?!

I'm impressed by your skills related to web design. Congrats on getting those jobs. I hope they are just what you need to launch you into a VERY busy career! :)

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