Uneaten Cupcakes

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Note to self. While making cupcakes DO NOT absentmindedly lick the spoon.

If you do Hubby is going to see you. He will accuse you of self indulging. When his accusations start to fly you will counter them with your own "I DID NOT LICK THE SPOON!!" When he hears your words he will feel threatened and lied too. He will continue to insist that you did lick the spoon. You will get angry and frustrated and tell him to forget it. "I don't remember licking it. But maybe I did."

"You did!" He will sternly say.

"Fine!" I will say while slamming the bedroom door.

He will immediately follow me in the room and proceed to hump my leg. He will talk to me all 'sexy like' as if nothing just happened. I will inform him that I am still mad. I need some time to cool down. He will continue to annoy me. I will scream and cry. Then turn the tv up really loud. He will finally leave.

No one will even eat the cupcakes.

p.s. I have PMS can't you tell?! My poor wonderful husband :)

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Ms Cupcake said...

Awwwww. What happened to those poor cupcakes? I hope things are more harmonious in your household by now. LOL.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great Thursday!

Ms Cupcake

Kimi said...

Uneaten cupcakes? Please, say it ain't so. I think at least 89% of the women I know are currently PMSing, myself included. Hope things are better today.

Momma Chae said...

LOL . I love this little refreshing burst of REAL married life. :) Sometimes I feel like bloggers have perfect little lives and perfect little husbands.... Thanks for the dose of leg humping and loud TV. :) I'm still smiling.
(hope you are too!)

Mrs4444 said...

I am almost NEVER angry with Mr.4444, but when I am, I hate that cheerful/horny method of getting me to not be mad. I guess men think that if you're willing to kiss/hug/etc. then you're "all good." So annoying!

Orange Juice said...

OH! That sound eerily familiar! LOL
PMS is hardly an excuse for me though

Joy said...

Oh that is too funny! Hope he's not still in the doghouse. ;o)

Stopping by from SITS roll call!

Debbie said...

I thought licking the spoon was part of the recipe!

Kaylen said...

Stopping by from SITS - and I have had that same scenario played out in the past with a man...it's funny how they think that you might possibly be turned on when upset.

And I think licking the spoon is necessary...you need to taste it before you bake it!!

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