Freaky Friday

Friday, July 17, 2009

So I'm just gonna start writing. If you need an explanation as to what the heck I'm doing just click those pictures above.

I'm hot. Not the - stop traffic make the street workers fall into their road holes - kind of hot. The - it's 102 degrees in my house - kind of hot. The a/c has been on all day and it's not getting any cooler. I HATE living in this hell hole some people call paradise.

My head hurts. Sinus pressure. It's been raining and raining and raining. When it's not raining it's so hot you could melt. We haven't been able to go swimming for weeks. I LOVE swimming. *cry cry*

I posted on my traveling blog today. I didn't do it yesterday. First day I've missed since I started it. Having doubts again. What's wrong with me!! Grrr...

Hubby and I stooped by a grocery store, one I very much dislike because the prices are sky high and everything is placed in the stupidest spots. He got a sandwich from the delli and I got grape soda, coke (for him), organic Cheetos, two packs of strawberries, frosted flakes and a kit-kat. Am I a health nut or what??

I think I'm ready to watch the last season of Gilmore Girls... Wish I had someone to watch it with. Can't watch with Hubby; he can't help but make stupid comments that spoil it for me...

I'm incredibly home sick. I miss my friends, even the one that hates me. I could really use a chick flick pig out night.

I want a baby. Hubby does too. He just can't understand that we have to "do it" in order to get one. I guess after you've been trying for over a year it seems like there is no use. I'm starting to agree. Need to go to the doctor and get fixed.

I can feel a pimple starting to pop up on my forehead.

This week has been really good in the design business. I've been so lucky to work with some really talented and sweet people. I just love my job! And I'm glad that I can bring a bit of joy and excitement to others :)

I've been needing to go grocery shopping (yesterday didn't count) for a week now. Hubby has been so great and patient with me. For dinner last night he ate his chicken and potatoes with a smile and a "thank you. This is yummy!" Oh how I love him.

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thatgirlblogs said...

I like this train of thought stuff. I get it!

Mrs4444 said...

You are a very talented blog designer, Katie-I love how fresh and original your blog designs are; they really are original. Bravo.

Sorry you are lonesome and feeling cruddy.... A year is a long time to wait for a pregnancy; a doctor visit sounds good. Did you mean "get fixed," or "get IT fixed" ?

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