Today's Potatoes

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Today's potatoes are from Rexburg, Idaho." The words were carelessly scribbled on a white board, by someone who had never heard of the place, just to be erased tomorrow and replaced with another unheard of town. The words, which no one gave a second thought to, those sweet words, kept repeating in my mind. Images of the past came rushing back. The sites and smells.

Nights spend staring at stars. Hugs that meant the world. My first taste of honeysuckle. A perfect snowy winter. Starburts and lots of sand. Peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast. Dances, parties. Late night talks. Watching baseball cause I didn't want to leave. Movies on laptops because we didn't had tv.

Endless memories because of today's potatoes.

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Amanda said...

Those sound like great memories. I have to tell you they made me think of the song "Strawberry Wine" by Deena Carter....random huh?

isk8jewel said...

Something about this post brings back memories of my own. Thanks! :)

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