Blessing the Cheerios

Thursday, April 2, 2009

This morning Hubby said the blessing on breakfast. His honestly made me smile and laugh a bit.

"Please bless these Cheerios to taste good. That they will fill us up so we won't have to eat the whole box in one setting. Please bless that I may have patience to let them soak in the milk for awhile so that they do not cut up my mouth and my wife won't have to hear me wine. We, I especially, are grateful that Katie was able to prepared them for us and we are both thankful that we are able to partake of this treat on this beautiful morning that we share together."

4 bubble blowin' comments:

The Rambler said...

Great blessing!!

Bethany said...

Awesome Blessing!! Too cute!

Kate said...

How cute!!! I just love kids and the things that they say and are thankful for everything. Great blog, I will definitely be back.

Cher said...

Oh that it is just too funny! I would have been cracking up halfway through that prayer!

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