Today's ABC's

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today I...

a. Woke up to the sound of our power drill

b. Helped Hubby finish building my new desk

c. Cooked and served breakfast

d. Took a shower {with hubby ;)}

e. Moved kitchen table

f. Hooked computer back up

g. Searched for books and put them on shelf

h. Watered flower

i. Organized our spices

j. Lit a candle

k. Checked email and wrote everyone back

lmnop. Worked worked worked

q. Changed color of website

r. Wrote this weeks featured site

s. Made coasters cute

Sang to some music

u. Read and commented on blogs

v. Vacuumed the whole house

w. Did the dishes

x. Talked to my mother on the phone

y. Cleaned two computers and a laptop

z. Wrote this post

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