Thankful Thursday

Thursday, March 5, 2009

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Today I'm thankful:

For getting a lot of work done yesterday that I had been putting off.

That four people have entered to win our giveaway!

That I get to see my husband in a few hours

For prayer and answers

For diet Coke and comments

For Gilmore Girls (I just finished the third season)

4 bubble blowin' comments:

That.Girl said...

I love the Gilmore Girls. I need to buy the seasons so I can watch them, since we don't have TV and I don't even know if re runs are on anymore...

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Katie Lane is a fan of both the Diet Coke and The Gilmore Girls? We just may be soul mates.

Lovely list of things to be thankful for.


Debbie said...

That is so sweet that you are excited to see your hubby!

Jacky said...

Hey, now 6 people have entered! I keep meaning to, but I'm so bad at writing blog posts quickly...I have until tomorrow, right? =)

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