Roller coaster

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Today was one of those roller coaster days. You know the ones that start out great, get really rocky in the middle and end on a high note. It also equates to my longest post even.

By choice I stayed up all night. When Hubby woke up I made him breakfast, packed his lunch and had a nice chat before he headed off to work. My lack of sleep then caught up to me so I laid in bed, watched Gilmore Girl reruns, fell asleep after three episodes (I'm not very good at getting to sleep) and was awaken by the opening of the front door.

It hadn't even been an hour since I feel asleep so it couldn't be Hubby. Did I sleep through the doorbell? Could it be the maintenance people? Oh crap, I'm not decent! GO AWAY!!!!!! I didn't scream it, I was too sleepy and scared to do that. I just burrowed into the covers and hoped for the best.

Of course it was Hubby. He had left work early. He wasn't feeling well and wanted to go to the doctors. Poor thing. He made an appointment. I offered to go with him and he declined. I feel asleep for a few minutes before he came back and begged me to go.

"What?! I can't believe this! You already said no! Don't you know that in the last 48 hours I have slept less then 1." I stormed. This would be the low part of the roller coaster ride. I was so sleepy I didn't realize how harsh I was being. He ended up going by himself, a decision I immediately regretted. I even got up and ready to go meet him but he had taken my keys. Sigh, bang head, sigh. Stupid me. I'm the worst wife ever. I couldn't even sleep while he was gone. I knew I should cause he would be needy when he got back and I would need some energy, but I felt SO bad for what I had said.


Well he came home in a better mood. He had gotten three different medicines and was told that it wasn't very serious. He wasn't needy at all, in fact he was hyped. He wanted to go buy a new game and play x-box 360 with his brother so that I could sleep. Yes, he is the sweetest. We both apologized for what happened, me a million times. Feeding off of his energy I wanted to go with him.

We went to the game store and noticed that Carter's was having a sale. We went there and got some really cute baby clothes, you know for the future. We got some food and came home. It was quite fun. We don't go out very often so it was a nice break that we both needed.

Right now he is at his bro's house and I am here missing him. I still feel bad for what I said, but it's done and over with. We had a good day for the most part. I love him so much. I wouldn't want to be riding this roller coaster with anyone but him.

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