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Sunday, March 8, 2009

I won another award, this time from Young Momma! It's the Kreativ Blogger Award. I don't know how kreativ a blogger I am but I'll take it! She listed seven things she loved, well that's pretty much all I ever blog about so I'm gonna be kreativ and tell you three things that are bothering me instead.

1. About 6 weeks ago my sister-in-law's dog chewed up my purse. I got a little peeved and told a few people I was upset that she {I didn't use her name when telling the story} didn't offer to pay for it. She got offended that I shared my opinion and is still {red faced, steam blowing out of her ears} mad. I think she's being a childish diva for the stupidest reason and I fear that she will find this post somehow, realize that it was me who wrote it and kill me in my sleep.

2. Hubby and I asked his father to help us out at Ikea today. We had already been there before and picked out what we wanted, we just needed a way to get it home. His father has a truck and we do not. Well he kept "suggesting" that we do more shopping around. Some reason he thought we were only buying the stuff cause it was on sale. He offered to pay for us if we bought from somewhere else. He's always giving us money and offering to pay. No matter how many times we tell him that we are doing fine, and that I am making money from home, he doesn't believe us.

3. I keep biting my nails cause I'm nervous. I've never posted anything negative on this blog before and fear I will be booed out of the Blogosphere. I'm also hungry and I just ate. I think it's that time. Where's my water bottle at?

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Juls said...

How funny, ...... Although I'm not usually a big fan of negativity, WE ALL HAVE it in our lives...and well,therefore... it's a fact of life! So-- I think you're safe.... but if your sister in law does find out, I know some Tae Kwon Do..if that will help

Shannon said...

Hey Katie, I just noticed your button on Tip Junkies shopping site so I wandered over. I read your bio. I too am a daughter of God and a designer. Just wanted to say welcome to the fun world of blog design. I hope your grand opening is successful! It's so fun to see the distinctive style that each designer has. your website is awesome!

God Bless

Alexis AKA MOM said...

LOL, Ok girl I would be SUPER peeved if my purse got chewed up! 2nd off if your child or animal destroys someones property you make it right. It's like bumping a car and saying well I just bumped it. So what you still left a gash does it matter you were only going 5 MPH? LOL sorry soap box! Don't worry a little venting and letting it out won't hurt anyone!

Ok so I saw the giveaway LOVE it, I'll post something later today. I have my 1st giveaway up and I want to give it enough face time ... LOL. Yup rambling fool who need to go to bed.

So I'm a follower aren't you glad .. :) Yup off to bed. Chat at ya soon.

Young Momma said...

LOL you're fine!!! I always use my blog to vent. I think people like reading the drama more than the happy go lucky stuff every now and then! lol

lisalyn said...

That's really too bad about your purse. Hope you and your sister in law can work it out. :)
Sometimes I think people forget or don't think about the importance of things to others.

LOVE IKEA!! Only been there 2 times...it's like 8 hours away from here. :)

And yes...find that water bottle. Water is good for you...but chocolate might taste better.

Mrs. D Lightful said...

Your blog is so sunny! It just brightened my day! Congrats on your award!!!!

Pixeltrash said...

Whew hoo! Congrats on the award!

You are cracking me up. My FIL pays for everything we do too. My DH and I went out for Valentine's Day dinner and when the bill came, they said our FIL had called and paid for it. I thought that was weird. He always offers and sometimes we even accept. I think it is the only way he knows how to show he loves us. So, I take it sometimes and sometimes I say, "No thank you".

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