Creme Brulee?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Has anyone ever tried creme brulee? I haven't, but always wanted to. I love the idea of a sexy waiter coming from the kitchen and seting my desert on fire. It would probably be lots of fun to break the burnt sugar crust with the back of a spoon {smiling right now cause I'm thinking of the movie Amelie}.

Got caught up in this fantisy while at the gocery store when I spotted creme brulee pudding. It was even sugar free so I had to try it.

As you have guessed this was a bad idea. No one came and set it on fire. There was no bunt sugar crust to brake. It has little weird wormy things in it. It didn't look at all like this beautiful picture. And it didn't even taste good.

I wonder how close it actually was to the real thing. Any ideas?

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Heather said...

Real live creme brulee is heavenly. And, yeah, the top is all crystalized and delightful. Paula Deen swears it's really easy to make.

Sturgmom said...

You had me until sugar-free. You need sugar to get the caramelized crust on top.

Not that I've ever eaten it, I just know that much. We used to have a special creme brulee lighter, but my husband just uses it to light cigars evenly.

Small House said...

I have never tasted Creme Brulee either. I like to go for whatever is chocolate. That way I am never disappointed :)

Enjoyed the spotlight of your brother. Those cute missionaries! They are so focused. We need to do the same thing.

Have a great day.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Creme Brulee is heavenly...Truly! Don't judge the real thing by what you tasted.

Suzi said...

Not at all close. Creme Brulee is soooooo goooood! I love it and I am not into custard. You have to try it if you get the chance, you won't be disappointed at all.

susette said...

I tried it for my very first time last Summer. It was at a very fine restaraunt and it looked a bit scary but I wanted to try it. I FELL IN LOVE INSTANTLY!! I don't know how a store mix would taste but I would say try a "real" version before you make an ultimate decision. YUM!!

The Rambler said...

Can I say I absolutely LOVE your layout.

And I work in a restaurant and had experience with Creme Brulee. It's YUM.

Just like the others have said up top.

Thanks so much for visiting me on my SITS day :)

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