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Monday, February 16, 2009

At this very moment in time, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color pink. It's a bright cheerful color. Looking at it makes me smile and I like to smile. It makes me think more optimistically. It makes me feel more girly and silly and flirty and young.

It reminds me of cupcakes and little girls. It's not a color you see everywhere. It's not a color I want to decorate my house with. It's not even a color that appeals to a lot of people. I love all these things about it and more, but it's not my favorite because...

As a child I loved coloring. This coloring was done solely with a purple crayon. This coloring was done mostly at my Grandparents house. I am very close to both of them and admire them like mad. Because of my purple crayon obsession as a child, my grandmother's multiple purple shirts, and violets in their window; the color purple reminds me of them. I am very nostalgic, all of my favorite memories include them, thus I tell people my favorite color is purple. It's a color that I will always love. It's an answer that will always be true.

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Stesha said...

At the moment PINK is my favorite color too. It's the new black you know!

Hugs and Mocha,

Debbie said...

Thank you for explaining that! And now I understand the nostalgia.

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