Part of Heaven

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The other day my hubby said some really sweet things. As to not forget them I am going to write them right here, yes right out in the open for all the read.

Hubby: "I love your face."

Me: "Oh yeah? Is it pretty?"

Hubby: "It's beautiful"

Me: "How beautiful is it?"

Hubby: "It's like the most beautiful part of Heaven came down and landed on it."

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Dan said...

A drop in from Deb's first post linky.

Can I steal your hubby's lines. They sound pretty good and my wife would like them. {*grin*}

Debbie said...

Came over from Deb's.
How cute this is!

Deb said...

oh look at you! you are very new! i am impressed with how "together" your blog appears. mine is kind of a mess.

thanks for playing along... i'll be back to read more this weekend.

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